Budva, "Royal Central Residence" - Multiple Apartments Available for Sale


The new residential complex in the heart of Budva, "ROYAL CENTRAL RESIDENCE" embodies the investor's vision to seamlessly blend the natural surroundings with modern architecture featuring clean lines.

Adhering to the core concept, we have crafted a secure and opulent living environment, interwoven with natural materials predominantly showcasing stone and wood. Expansive glass surfaces accentuate the elegance of the living spaces and flood them with natural light.

A key highlight of our apartments lies in the optimal utilization of space, designed on the principle of "flowing space." The integration of the living room, kitchen, and dining area into a unified entity creates an impactful sense of spaciousness, further enhanced by panoramic windows. Additionally, all housing units can be fully customized to meet the preferences of the future owner.

"ROYAL CENTRAL RESIDENCE" promises a high standard of architectural construction, redefining your living space experience. Nestled in the serene center of Budva, away from complex urban structures and surrounded by greenery, it is still conveniently located near attractive recreational, shopping, and dining destinations.

The beach, restaurants, charming parks, and recreational areas are all within a 5-minute reach from the Old Town. Moreover, amenities such as a kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, shopping centers, and supermarkets are easily accessible.

"ROYAL CENTRAL RESIDENCE" introduces a new paradigm of comfort.

• Two garage levels with 23 parking spaces
• Car lift
• 32 residential units of varying structures, ranging from 26m2 to 106m2
• Emphasis on comfort and Mediterranean lifestyle
• Commitment to quality and durability of materials
• Tranquil atmosphere and an excellent location



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